Marie-Claire D’ARMAGNAC, a great “Coup de cœur”

an unclassifiable painting

Among the artists that I like to collect, I also quote Marie-Claire d’Armagnac. Far from schools and movements her dreamlike is unique and its soothing paint.

a singular journey

A diploma and a competition, run it all straight to the Government. She quits very quickly. It attracts other horizons…

Since her childhood, she isolates herself in her room and spends hours to draw. Already, she invents a world by escaping in the clouds… lying facing the sea, the Cap d’Antibes. And Victor, his father-in-law, often said to her ‘ you’ll be painter i know! …

10 years old, her first true picture please to Victor… He presents it in a gallery of Antibes, which is buyer !

So she follows in her city of the courses of drawing and painting and discovered a passion for the history of art. In 1972 her installation in the Gers, homeland of her husband is a second birth. This region fascinates her, and it’s far from the mirages of the Côte d’Azur, she turns to another more inner and real life…

a rich work of emotions

Colorist, visionary and dreamlike, she oscillates continuously between sweetness and violence. In her veins flows blood Corsican who cannot lie and already translated her emotions in the blazing colors of some of her works.

We don’t look at a canvas of Marie-Claire: she watches you.

Indeed, in her works, there are first glances, and those looks speak to us… There is also love, a love that emerges with strength, but above all there is what you want to see as it opens many doors…

Marie Claire D'armagnac
” To paint ? It is for me, to lay bare in the heart of chaos and seek the Star … and stretch this breadcrumb trail that will allow me to seize, beyond the work, this life that I suspect and see springing up in color, shape and light… ”

Question: in what technical perspective do you work?

“First of all in the challenge that I start and it takes that I report for each canvas. This challenge, all full of fantasy and lyricism, takes shape in shape, color… Research of light for light, such a genuine initiatory journey. On this pictorial and philosophical path, make sure everything is transformed… Then, from the chaos of the origins is emerging little by little this universe strange, wispy, and particular in which plunges my unconscious…”

MC DARMAGNAC "Our eyes with eternal light"
Marie Claire D’ARMAGNAC is a painter established in the Gers in Eauze. It takes us into dreamlike universes.

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