Freedom and movement

My name is Marc Saint-Martin and I was born in Brittany in June 1951. I spent part of my childhood in this region and in Gabon in Libreville. Of course, etymologically this name means the “city of men, free or released”.

After classical studies (Latin, Greek), I had a long career in information technology. In fact 40 years including some international stays for large IT Groups or personal businesses.

I’m interested in music by practicing a few string instruments ; my sensitivity towards folk, blues and classical music. My mother, painter in her time, as well as drawing and painting at school, have sparked my interest in graphic arts.

After all these years, Freedom appears to me as the most important value in the stream of life. Notably, it is its research which led me to pursue an international career.

I had the pleasure of working in cities like Rome or Barcelona where the arts are part of the everyday life. Like Claude Weisbuch, the discovery and the movement have been one of the components of my life.

Indeed, it has to include twenty moves and a few expatriations in bright and exotic countries. The light of some African regions permanently altered my perception of colors.

A decisive encounter with art

My encounter with Claude Weisbuch was a revelation and a click. Indeed his work with humanism, freedom and movement is in the image of my ideal life.

Furthermore, fans of his work largely include scientists, architects and many medical professions.

Should we see a sign ?

For me there is nothing surprising, the accuracy and thoroughness of this artist being a common point with these demanding professions.

Marc and Anne Saint-Martin in Burma
Marc and Anne Saint-Martin preparing to climb a balloon in Burma.

Today, I had other meetings with artists like Marie Claire of Armagnac. Unfortunately the walls of my house are not enough to lay it all out. So, I want to put back in the light some carefully archived works !

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