Permanent international exhibitions

The number of exhibitions to which Claude Weisbuch participated is enormous!

Adulated in Japan, exhibited in the permanent collections from Paris to New York and Amsterdam, his works are preserved in many museums in France and in the rest of the world :

  • In the United States, at The Museum of Modern Art, “MOMA” in New York,
  • In Belgium, at The Royal Academy in Brussels,
  • In Switzerland, at the Cantonal Museum of Fine Arts in Lausanne,
  • In Spain, at the Museo Provincial de Bellas Artes in Cordoba,
  • In Serbia, at the Muzej Savremene Umenosti in Belgrade,
  • In Poland, at the Muzeum Sztoki Lodzi in Lodz, at the Muzeum Narodowe in Warsaw and at the Muzeum Narodowe in Cracow,
  • In Australia,
  • In the Netherlands, at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam,
  • In Germany, Staatiliche Graphische Sammlung in Munich, at the Staatsgalerie in Stuttgart,
  • In Sweden, at the Göteborgs Keinstmuseum in Göteborg,
  • In France, the Center Pompidou in Paris, the National Library in Paris, the National Center of Contemporary Art in Paris, the Regional Museum of Fine Arts in Rennes, the Cabinet des Estampes in Strasbourg , The Mulhouse Museum, etc.

list of main temporary exhibitions

  • 1957: Galerie Saint-Placide in Paris, paintings and engravings.
  • 1958: Galerie de Presbourg in Paris, paintings. Galerie Saint-Placide in Paris, paintings. Galerie des Arts in Nancy, Engravings.
  • 1960: Galerie Hervé in Paris, paintings «Pantomimes extraordinaires».
  • 1961: Exhibition of young painters and painters of their time,
  • 1962: O’Hanna Gallery in London, paintings.
  • 1963: Galerie Hervé in Paris, paintings «From the portrait of man». Nichido Gallery, Tokyo, paintings. Munich, paintings.
  • 1965: Galerie Hervé in Paris, «100 drawings». Dresdener Gallery in Toronto, paintings
  • 1966: Dantesca Gallery in Turin, paintings, engravings, drawings.
  • 1969: Galerie Hervé in Paris, paintings. Galerie Reflets in Brussels, engravings, paintings. Dresder Gallery in Montreal, paintings.
  • 1970: Galerie Sagot-Le Garrec in Paris, engravings. Museum of Modern Art of the city of Paris, engravings. Galerie Synthèse in Antwerp, engravings and drawings. Tamenaga Gallery, Tokyo, paintings.
  • 1971: Gallery War in Avignon, engravings. Biennale of the engraving in Epinal.
  • 1972: Dantesca Gallery in Turin. Festival of Sarlat, paintings.
  • 1973: Wayss Gallery in Nancy, engravings, drawings. Galerie Auguste Comte in Lyon, paintings, engravings, drawings. Taménaga Gallery in Tokyo, paintings. Galerie Vision Nouvelle in Paris, engravings “Hommage à Rembrandt”.
  • 1974: Esthetika Gallery in Kortrijk, engravings. Galerie Mozart in Metz, paintings, drawings, engravings. Art Gallery Matter in Grenoble, paintings, engravings, drawings. New Vision Gallery in Munich, paintings, drawings, engravings. Galerie Hervé Odermatt in Paris, paintings. Esthetika Gallery in Kuurne, engravings. Galerie Wayss in Nancy, engravings, drawings, pastels. Dietesheim Gallery in Neufchâtel, engravings. Grafikhuset Gallery in Stockholm, engravings, drawings.
  • 1975: Galerie Joly in Washington, engravings.
  • 1976: Synthesis Gallery in Antwerp.
  • 1977: Cultural Center of the Castle of Ste-Menehould.
Poster exhibition Vision nouvelle"1977.
Poster of the exhibition at the gallery “Vision nouvelle” in Paris in 1977.
  • 1978: House of Culture in Montbéliard, engravings. House of Culture of Chelles, engravings, paintings, drawings.
  • 1979: Galerie Albert Henri, Rennes. 7 more Exhibitions in Gallery to be detailed
  • 1980: Bibliothèque Nationale de Paris “French Painters-Engravers”. 3 other Exhibitions in Gallery to be detailed
  • 1981: Galerie Martine Remy in Strasbourg. Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Anger, engravings. 3 other Exhibitions in Gallery to be detailed
  • 1982: New Vision Gallery in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka, engravings.
  • 1983: Galerie Hélène Trintignant in Montpellier. Galerie Hamon in Le Havre.
  • 1984: Museum of the Perrine in Laval, Engravings. Festival of Music in Quimper, engravings. Moscow, retrospective, engravings. Galerie Presence in Brussels, paintings, engravings.
  • 1985: Galerie Taménaga in Paris painting
Front invitation "Tamenaga" gallery 1993
Front of the invitation card to the exhibition of the Tamenaga gallery in 1993
  • 1986: Taménaga Gallery in Tokyo, paintings. Greenhouse of the School of Fine Arts in Saint-Etienne, paintings, engravings.
  • 1988: Chateau of Chenonceau, Retrospective paintings. Art Library of the Montpellier Museum, Retrospective engravings. Galerie Taménaga in Paris, drawings, pastels. New Vision Gallery in Tokyo, engravings.
Invitation exhibition oils on canvases in Chenonceau in 1988
Château de Chenonceau June 1988, unfortunately, these works were, above my modest means. What a regret!
  • 1989: Taménaga Gallery in Paris, paintings.
  • 1990: Taménaga Gallery in Paris, paintings.
  • 1992: Exhibition in Sarlat “Retrospective”. Gallery Taménaga in Paris, drawings.
  • 1993: Taménaga Gallery in Tokyo and Osaka
  • 1994: Elegant Gallery in Taipei (Taiwan). Sanbi Gallery in Tokyo, graphic works. Hotel New Otani in Tokyo. Mitsukoshi Exhibition in Tokyo
Invitation card expos Taipei 1996
Front of the invitation card to the Taipei exhibition in 1996
  • 1995: Taménaga Gallery in Osaka.
  • 1996: Tradeshow of the Music, Prehistoric Abbey, Pont-à-Mousson, Paintings. The Ginza Spring in Tokyo, paintings. New Otani Museum in Tokyo, paintings
  • 1999: CCI of Strasbourg organizes the print “Retrospective 50 years of engravings”. Taménaga Gallery in Paris. Taménaga Gallery in Tokyo.
exposure to Thionville 1999
City of Thionville space Jacques Brel exhibition”art 1950-1999″ by Claude Weisbuch.
  • 2000: Castle of Vascoeuil. Gallery of the theater in Besançon, paintings, drawings, engravings, pastels.
  • 2001: Orangerie Castle in Versailles
  • 2002: Taménaga Gallery in Paris.
  • 2003: Theater Gallery Besançon. Mairie de Besançon, Exposition drawings and engravings,
  • 2004: Taménaga Gallery in Paris, monumental fresco “Prometheus presenting the secret of fire to humans.
  • 2005: Galerie Crid’art, Amnéville, “Claude Weisbuch engravings-paintings and lithographs”. Galerie Vasse in Lille. Linas Town Hall, “Retrospective”,
  • 2006: Atelier Grognard in Rueil-Malmaison retrospective “50 years of prints”. Colette Dubois Gallery in Paris. Galerie Goupil in Alençon. Japanese tour: Tamenaga gallery in Paris, Tokyo, Osaka.
  • 2007: Galerie of the Place Bellecourt in Lyon. Retrospective Mairie de Chauray, «50 years of prints». Galerie Rogé Pertuis at the Château La Tour D’Aigues. Galerie Dutilleul in Albi. Galerie L’Estampe in Strasbourg.
  • 2008: Galerie Crid’art in Amnéville. Town Hall of Valmondois, Tribute to Daumier. The Gallery in Ajaccio. Galerie Vasse in Lille. The frame in Epinal. Galerie Ducastel in Avignon, Retrospective “50 years of prints”. Lencloître Art Biennale, Guest of Honor.
  • 2009: Gallery of the Place Bellecourt in Lyon. Gallery of the tower in Compiègne. Retrospective in La Baule “50 years of prints”. The Ancient setting in Orleans. Galerie Concorde in Mulhouse. Biennale of small formats in Lencloître, guest of honor.
  • 2010: Espace Villeneuve Bargemon in Marseille, Retrospective. Room Perceval, Espace Athanor in Guérande. Retrospective.
Poster exhibition space Athanor 2010
Poster of the exhibition at the Espace Athanor in Guérande in August 2010

Bibliophilic works

  • 1965: Praise of the Erasmus madness, 300 copies, xx lithographs
  • 1966: Chevalier of the Chrétien de Troyes cart, 225 copies, 22 dry tips
  • 1972: The Prince of Machiavelli, 300 copies, 7 dry tips and 3 dry embossments
  • 1974: The Lost Drill
  • 1975: Letter to Dr. Dermeste
  • 1975: Space of the Cry
  • 1976: The Horla
  • 1981: The Devil in the Body
  • 1982: The Horse
Illustrated books by Claude Weisbuch
Illustrated books by Claude Weisbuch, History of Goethe’s philosophy, Le diable au corps by Radiguet, Horace by Corneille, Dom Juan by Molière
  • 1984: Faust and the Second Faust
  • 1991: Dom Juan de Molière
  • 1994: Horace de Corneille