What is engraving ?

Engraving is an artistic technique to produce a picture or a text. The principle is to cut or dig a matrix using a tool or an acid. After inking, it is printed on a support which is usually paper. The resulting work is called a print. By abuse of language, “burning”, “print”, “edition” and “engraving” are often confused.

The word engraving is inseparable from the work of claude Weisbuch

Claude Weisbuch was a multidisciplinary artist, but he was before all an “engraver of art”. He has also taught these techniques to the school of fine arts of Nancy.

Weisbuch at work
The artist uses a shading screen to avoid reflections and sift the light. Extremely precise the work of soft waist does not allow the retouching.

In his work, Weisbuch has mainly used the dry size and lithography. His favorite Tools : dry point, roulette, chisel and mordants.

The intaglio

The intaglio, occurs most often on copper. Unlike the size of savings, the ink will settle in hollows carved by the artist. The plate printing is done on a press in intaglio.

Engraving size savings

We are talking about “size of savings”, or “engraving in relief” when the support is dug everywhere where printing should not have an effect ; one drawing is kept at the initial level of the surface of the board, it says “saved”. This technique is used for wood carving, engraving in riddled and the linocut.

Flat engraving

Some authors add the burning flat (flat-bed printing or planogram) in the previous two categories. It is the case of lithography or monotype don’t require reliefs, which are not the “engravings” in the strict sense of the term but assimilated as such. However, the first form of lithography, invented, from 1796, was a printing technique based on a very low height of relief.

Various techniques

These three processes use mainly two techniques. The first is done by using a tool such as the burin or drypoint. The second using a bite that is a solution that will alter the surface. Etching, wash drawing, engraving, aquatint, sugar, pencil manner, varnish soft.

Companies of engravers.

In 1802 the “Society of Engravers,” is founded in London. In the second half of the 19th century it will be created in France, the Society of Etchers in 1862, company of the french peintres-graveur in 1889. Claude Weisbuch was a member of the Society of Painters French Engravers.

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