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If you are on this page it is certainly because you are planning to get in touch with me. In order to avoid bad jokes or untimely solicitations, I have chosen not to provide my full contact details.

If you are a collector, you will understand …

And in this case, I look forward to communicating and exchanging with you to perhaps come to realize “real” exchanges. You can of course contact me by email, or more simply, use this form

engraving comedia dell arte "fracasso"
A great demonstration of the ability to express movement through the line, a subject in which Claude Weisbuch excels.

    The information presented on this site is taken from my personal experience. I also gleaned information on the right and on the left in publications, books, films or documentations concerning Claude Weisbuch.
    In addition, this site is under construction and being translated into English. It will get richer over time. I have tried to be as exhaustive as possible, but errors, imperfections and omissions may have crept in. 
    Do not hesitate to indicate them to me and I hope that you will not hold it against me. Your suggestions are of course welcome.