“Weisbuch collection”, what exactly is it ?

The “Collection Marc Saint-Martin” is a reflect of my passion : abundant. Thus, I own many engravings, passing through copper plates to the etchings. Furthermore, admitted in a “inner circle”, I had the happiness to acquire some unique works. Indeed I have many “artist’s proofs” and even a few B.A T. (ready to print). Claude Weisbuch everything tells me the artistic journey of the artist !

“Collection Marc Saint-Martin” engravings

For prints, as you have already noticed (can be read on the page “meeting” ) my first piece was a violinist. As a music lover, I was particularly sensitive to the theme music and musicians. Moreover, the characteristic feature of Weisbuch there comes into its own.


The lithographs that raise me the most are essentially those that contain 2 or 3 colors.


The brass being the origin of the works, have always fascinated me. That’s why I have a few and I’ve done some frame.

Some unique and unusual items

But the “Collection Marc Saint-Martin” is also composed of fancier “relics”. For example, I have a bow tie that has been done for me with a lithography of violinist by his taille-doucier. Alternatively, one of the etching tool of Claude Weisbuch, or one spécial B.A.T. In short, a host of unique and unusual objects.

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